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Modern education is aided with a variety of technology, computers, projectors, internet, and many more. Diverse knowledge is being spread among the people. Everything that can be simplified has been made simpler. Science has explored every aspect of life. There is much to learn and more to assimilate. Internet provides abysmal knowledge. There is no end to it. One can learn everything he wishes to. Every topic has developed into a subject. The importance of modern education is to create a literate society. A literate society means a society where as many people as humanly possible learn how to read for themselves so that after school they can continue to educate themselves. Notice that modern public education still has people in roles as teachers, coaches and administrators. That is because there are very few people who are self-motivated to go out on their own and read, study, learn, question, check their own motivations and resources. We need an experienced teacher to do a lot of that. People in general relate more to a person than a computer.

The International Journal of Modern Education (IJMOE) is published by Global Academic Excellence (M) Sdn Bhd (GAE) to serve academicians a platform of sharing and updating their knowledge and research outputs as well as information within the sphere of modern education. The scope of this journal covers a multi-disciplinary and a cross disciplinary fields that include Application of Psychology in Teaching, Basic Educational Research, Computer and Multimedia in Education, Creativity in Management for Effective School, Educational Management and Administration and the relevant topics. The publication of the journal, covering such multi-disciplinary fields, provides up-to-date and ongoing overview of modern education globally. Additionally, the readers of the journal have the insight of modern education within a range of another dimension and need including market size, its driving factors, standards, policies and regulatory framework, ongoing issues and challenges, and prospect of modern education industry.

IJMOE journal invites researchers, academicians and practitioners for the submission of research articles, and book reviews, relevant fields developing and developed countries globally. All the submissions are in English and refereed journal published quarterly (February, May, August and November). The journal aims to publish all quality submission in time to ensure the impact of education research quickly conveyed, examined, and disseminated worldwide. Simultaneously, it visions to become the benchmark for the research and publications in all the fields of modern education and promote the superior standards globally